Saturday, 7 January 2012

Derek Patterson Houston, TX

President Derek Patterson of Houston Land Services is in land survey business for last many years. He has handled several land survey and elevation projects in his professional career and he carries extensive experience in this field. Oscar has a network of professional and well qualified land surveyors and engineers.

He understands the requirements of job and then arranges most suitable professional to get the work done. If you are in need of a land survey job, get in touch with him at 281 594 0865 or just write to him at and he will get in touch with you.


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  3. If and this gentleman is an African American black man, I am not sure that he is. He sounds like a black man over the phone, however the company profile doesn't represent that. I am not sure of who this guy is but he got money for a survey that he never did. He drove by and put one stake in the, one. This was only after being called 5 times to do the work that he promised to do the next day,little to day that he didn;t do the work, but he was quick to take the credit information before services.DO NOT USE HIM!!!!! YOU WILL GET BURNED.